Superintendent’s Blog – 03/17/2020

Good Evening Parents,

Tomorrow, we will begin our remote learning rollout. The planning, preparation, and commitment displayed by all of the ConVal staff have been truly incredible.  

Given that we have not attempted remote learning on this scale before, we will need your feedback and questions so that we can improve our processes and increase our efficiency and effectiveness related to remote learning. Please be aware that we anticipate that there will be questions, concerns, technical problems, and other challenges. 

We recognize that you have been sent an enormous amount of information over the last week. To be more efficient, we have created the embedded links (below) which will enable you to go back to this letter for all necessary information.  

Please email your student’s teacher if you have any questions and please ask them to call if a conversation is more appropriate.  Our teachers will respond in a timely manner.

Despite the challenges of this emergency, every teacher, administrator, Board member, and staff member has remained focused on two things: How do we maintain the health and safety of our community and what do we need to do to continue to educate our communities’ students?  

The ConVal staff has taken this adversity and turned it into an opportunity to expand their present practices and leverage technology in order to continue to provide opportunities for all of our students, every day.

Be well,