Superintendent’s Blog – 08/29/2018

Good Afternoon,

The night before school begins is always different from all other nights. A little like the night before Christmas, but not quite. Educators, students, and parents are all anticipating what the first day of school will bring and how this school year might be different than last.

For me, this year is about continuing to improve communication with all ConVal District stakeholders. The District is doing important work ā€” from providing more individualized pathways for students to continuing to look at alternative District organizational options. No matter what the topic, we need to communicate often about our work.

But tomorrow, tomorrow is different, because tomorrow we do only one thing. . . we welcome back your students. We spend tomorrow thinking only about how we can best make your students feel comfortable and excited about what this year will bring for them.

In order to accomplish this, we need your help. Please be sure to double check your students’ bus route, we know that there have had to be some very recent, necessary changes due to registrations, construction, and other unforeseen circumstances. You can double check your studentsā€™ bus route and bus stop by clicking here. Also, please consider allowing a few extra minutes in your morning routine tomorrow, whether it is for the bus or drop off, as new routines may need a day or so to iron out.

You will also be able to see the bus routes on Twitter, by clicking here and/or join us on Facebook by clicking here. We will be using both platforms as a way to make announcements (snow days included), to share information, and to showcase your studentsā€™ achievements. Additionally, I plan to post this ā€œblogā€ at least monthly, if not more often, and also instituting a Superintendentā€™s Brown Bag Lunch monthly for community members who would like to come in and ask questions or share their thoughts regarding the District. If you have additional suggestions regarding communication, we would love to hear them. Throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact me, either through email, by phone 924-3336 extension 2028, or if you see me at an event or at a school. I am always interested in hearing from you and listening to your perspectives and experiences with the District, so please do reach out.

Thank you for your continued support of ConVal. I am excited to see your students return and continue the tradition of touring every school during the first day. Have a great evening and welcome to the ConVal School Year 2018-2019 ā€” it will be great!