Mission, Vision & Core Beliefs


To provide opportunities and inspire our learners to explore interests, pursue new knowledge and skills, learn about self and others, and give of oneself to the greater community.


In the ConVal community, all learners will achieve academically, act thoughtfully, and contribute to the larger society.

Core Beliefs

These beliefs are those ideals, thoughts, and attributes that we feel must exist for our students, our community, and our society to thrive.

  • We believe that All must mean All. We must provide the opportunity for each and every student to reach his/her maximum potential.
  • We believe that there is not only one path to student success and achievement. We must offer students a variety of learning opportunities to achieve his/her version of success.
    Although we value the unique characteristics of each of our schools, we believe that all ConVal schools should provide a guaranteed, viable curriculum and be equitable in terms of learning opportunities and services.
  • We believe that ConVal should continue to participate and “give back” to our local communities.
  • ConVal is committed to full inclusion for students with disabilities. Conval will ensure teachers and staff are supported to ensure all students have access to rigorous curriculum within the general education setting and by presuming competence of all students.
  • We believe that understanding the learning process is paramount to our work, we are committed to knowing when students are and are not learning, and we believe that it is our responsibility to to ensure that learning and student growth occur.
  • We believe that positive relationships are the fundamental building block for learning.

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