Child Find

The ConVal School District has a duty to locate, evaluate, and identify any child residing in the District who qualifies for Special Education Services or any child attending the public schools who may require Section 504 accommodations or services. 

This also includes Child Find obligations for children who attend parentally-placed non-profit schools in our District.  The District must locate, identify and evaluate all children with disabilities who are enrolled by their parents in private non-profit schools located in the LEA (including religious, elementary, and secondary).

Section Ed 1105.02 – LEA Child Find Program

Equitable Participation

If you suspect your child has a disability and may need special education services or 504 accommodations, you can contact your child’s school or you may our the ConVal Special Education Department at 603-924-3336 x2031 so we can assist you with your concerns. Some parents and guardians find it helpful to write a letter addressing the concerns and requesting a meeting to determine whether an evaluation is warranted for their child; however, a letter is not required.

Any student age 2.5 to 21 years suspected of having a disability may be referred to the District by parents, District personnel, or any other concerned party. A child’s parents may also contact their child’s teacher(s) or other school professional to request an evaluation. This request may be verbal or in writing; however, parents will be asked to place their request in writing and submit it to the building principal (or designee).  Assistance in completing this written request shall be available to parents upon request.