School Board Policies

The following School Board policies guide the work of the ConVal Student Services Department:

JEB – Entrance Age
JEC – Manifest Educational Hardship
JFAB – Admission and Tuition of Nonresident Students
JFABD – Admission Of Homeless Students
JG – Assignment Of Students To Classes And Grade Levels
JH – Attendance, Absenteeism, And Truancy
JHCB – Immunizations Of Students
JHCC – Communicable Disease Control Policy
JI – Student Rights And Responsibilities
JICC – Student Conduct On School Buses
JICC-R – Student Conduct on School Buses
JJJ – Access to Public School Programs by Nonpublic, Charter Schools and Home-Educated Pupils
JLA – Student Insurance Program
JLC – Student Health Services
JLCA – Physical Examinations Of Students