Remote Instruction and School Nursing Services

While remote learning is happening, we would like to let you know about the support your school nurse will be able to provide.

  • Parents/guardians should still notify the school when your student is sick.
  • Please call the school to report if your student is sick. The nurse will then follow up if more information is needed. You can also email that information to the school nurse.
  • Following a report of student illness, the nurse will:
    • Check in with the parents/guardians daily to monitor symptoms that the student is exhibiting, as well as checking in to see if they have received any further care or direction from their studentā€™s doctor.
    • Notify staff so they will not expect participation in remote learning for that day or days
  • If your student has a 504 Health Plan, the school nurse will be reaching out to you to ensure that you have the support to implement the accommodations in your studentā€™s Health Plan. The school nurse will check in weekly or as needed. 

Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions.

Antrim Elementary SchoolVictoria Mellon
588-6371 x6453
Pierce SchoolVictoria Mellon
Dublin Consolidated SchoolLise Lemieux
Francestown Elementary SchoolSherree Hodgson
Greenfield Elementary SchoolLise Lemieux
Hancock Elementary SchoolMitzi Turgeon
Peterborough Elementary SchoolPam Murphy
Temple Elementary SchoolMitzi Turgeon
Great Brook Middle SchoolLinda Compton
588-6630 x6007
South Meadow Middle School
Trisha Harris
924-7105 x1246
ConVal Regional High SchoolJudi Bernardi
924-3869 x4402
Gretchen Shippee
924-3869 x4506

Thank you.