1:1 Initiative

Imagine pairing highly effective, face-to-face teacher instruction with on-demand access to the wide-ranging educational resources that the Internet provides. This exciting opportunity is here for middle school students in grades seven and eight, and for high school students at the freshman and sophomore levels.

In early October, students in grades seven through ten received personally assigned, school-issued Chromebook devices. TheĀ Blended Learning HandbookĀ sets forth the expectations and best practices for the use of Chromebooks for educational purposes. Information about this important addition to students’ learning options was also presented in school-based parent orientation meetings held this fall.

In advance of these meetings, parents of students in grades seven through ten were asked to read the 1:1 Parent and Student Handbook so they become familiar with the material. After the orientation meetings, parents were asked to sign a copy of the Chromebook Loan Agreement (see the Blended Learning Handbook for a sample). Students were also asked to sign the Chromebook Loan Agreement on the day that they received their Chromebook at school.

Members of the 1:1 and Blended Learning Leadership Team would likeĀ to thank the School Board, the SAU Leadership Team, and the community for their tremendous efforts and support in bringing this access to the students and teachers of our District.

BuildingTeam MemberPositionEmail
Great Brook SchoolSarah HaleTechnology Integrationistshale@conval.edu
Great Brook SchoolKat FoeckingPrincipalkfoecking@conval.edu
South Meadow SchoolSandra MurrayTechnology Integrationistsmurray@conval.edu
South Meadow SchoolAnne O'BryantPrincipalaobryant@conval.edu
ConVal High SchoolGreg LeonardTeachergleonard@conval.edu
ConVal High SchoolRachael BowmanLibrary Media Specialistrbowman@conval.edu
ConVal High SchoolAshley JonesLibrary Media Specialistajones@conval.edu
ConVal High SchoolHelfried ZrzavyTechnology Integrationisthzrzavy@conval.edu
ConVal High SchoolHeather McKillopPrincipalhmckillop@conval.edu
District OfficeBrian GrattanDistrict Systems Administratorbgrattan@conval.edu
District OfficeAnn ForrestAssistant Superintendentaforrest@conval.edu