Budget Process

Budget Preparation

The School Board must hold at least one Public Hearing on its budget not later than 25 days before its Annual Meeting. Notice of the hearing must be given at least seven (7) days in advance.

There must be a separate hearing if the School Board wishes to propose the issuance of any bonds or notes (NH RSA 33: Municipal Finance Act)

All purposes and amounts of the proposed appropriations must be included in the budget and special warrant articles, and must be discussed at the final hearing. If after the hearing, any additions are made, the District must hold an additional hearing. Posted budget forms must be certified, and show amounts on a “gross” basis, and include columns that show both the appropriation for the current year and the expense for the previous year. Any special articles must note whether or not the appropriation is recommended by the School Board.

In addition, any new agreement between a School Board and its bargaining units must be presented as a separated article , and show costs estimates for each of the years covered by the new agreement.

Senate Bill 2

Senate Bill 2 utilizes the official ballot for voting on all matters concerning the School District and requires that the School District Meeting take place in two parts: The Deliberative Session and the actual Ballot Vote.

Documents to be posted with the official Warrant for the Annual Meeting must include the posted proposed budget and the default budget that would be adopted if the proposed budget fails. Senate Bill 2 follows a strict timeline for submission deadlines of any cost items that will be put before the voters at both the Deliberative Session (Part 1) and the actual vote in March (Part 2); there are also strict timelines for any required Public Hearings and the dates of sessions.

It is during the Deliberative Session that the Board presents its annual budget for the coming year. Voters may then ask questions and / or vote to amend any amounts on the proposed warrant. Once finalized, the amended Warrant then goes forward as a ballot for the District voters in March.

Senate Bill 2 FAQ’s