Nursing Services


The school nurse has a crucial role in the provision of school health services, and a central management role in the implementation of the school health services program for all children and youth in the school. Ideally, the school nurse collaborates with primary care physicians, specialists, and local public health and social service agencies to ensure a full spectrum of effective and quality services that sustain children, youth, and their families. All school health services are delivered in the overall context of the child, the family, and the child’s overall health plan.

The school nurse has a critical role within the school health program and provides acute, chronic, episodic, and emergency health care. In addition, the school nurse may provide health education and health counseling and advocates for students with disabilities. School nurses are well positioned to take the lead for the school system in partnering with community physicians, community organizations, and Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program staff to assist families and students to enroll in the state health insurance programs and find a medical home for each student.

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) manual School Health: Policy and Practice

Antrim Elementary School/Pierce Elementary School 
Vicki Mellon, RN
603-588-6371 ext.6453 (Antrim)
603-588-2131 (Bennington)

South Meadow Middle School/Hancock Elementary School/Temple Elementary School
Mitzi Turgeon, RN
603-525-3303 (Hancock)

Francestown Elementary School
Sheree Hodgson, RN
603-547-2976 (Francestown)

Greenfield Elementary School/Dublin Consolidated School
Lise Lemieux, RN
603-547-3334 (Greenfield)

603-563-8332 (Dublin)

Peterborough Elementary School
Pam Murphy, RN
603-924-3828 ext. 1641

Great Brook School
Linda Compton, RN
603-588-6630 ext.6007

South Meadow School
Karen Freedman, RN
603-924-7105 ext. 1246

Contoocook Valley High School 
Judi Bernardi, RN
Gretchen Shippee, RN
603-924-3869 ext. 4506