Strategic Plan – Goal 1

Goal 1 of the 2016-2021 ConVal Strategic Plan encompasses student learning and how the District can improve the effectiveness of practices, the environment for learning, and the engagement of students. One of the strategies will be submitting an application to the NH Department of Education (NHDOE) to become a SWIFT (School-Wide Integrated Framework for Transformation) School District.

A successful application would result in support from NHDOE for developing and expanding our practices around including all children in a supportive learning environment and would allow more flexibility in targeting our federal dollars. SWIFT will help the District in eliminating the “silos” between general and specialized education to create powerful learning opportunities for students and teachers and promote active, engaged partnerships among families and community members.

Becoming a SWIFT District develops our ability to strategically apply our talents, passion, and resources to ensure that every child is a valued member of their school and given the supports they need to achieve academic and social success. Becoming a SWIFT School District aligns with our District core value of “all means all” and will aid in providing an excellent education for every child, every day. To learn more about SWIFT, visit