Featured image of article: SAU, School Board Seek Strategic Plan Feedback

SAU, School Board Seek Strategic Plan Feedback

Superintendent Kimberly Rizzo Saunders and the ConVal School Board invite members of the community to offer feedback on the District’s draft strategic plan as it works to finalize the roadmap it will follow in the five years to come. 

The draft document can be accessed here, and members of the community who would like to provide feedback on the substance of the report, such as stated goals and benchmarks for success, can do so by emailing strategicplanpubliccomment@conval.edu.

Public comment on the Strategic Plan is open from November 3-14. 

“The community has been an instrumental part of the process of developing this plan, which will serve as a guiding document for us as we navigate the next five years and work toward our core goals of better serving our students,” Rizzo Saunders said. “The public comment period on the draft document is a final, critical step in completing this plan and I’m hopeful the community will continue its robust participation in this process.” 

The strategic planning process began last fall following the creation of a Strategic Plan Steering Committee and subcommittees consisting of staff, parents and community members. As part of the strategic planning work, community members were invited to take part in a survey on their vision for the future of the district. In all, 750 members of the community responded to the survey. 

Following the completion of the survey, ConVal contracted Think Strategy to conduct focus groups to provide deeper insight into community members’ feedback. 

Six subcommittees – Curriculum and Instruction, Finance and Capital Planning, Co-Curricular and Athletics, Personnel,  Wellness, and Technology – reviewed survey results and focus group feedback on their areas of concern and developed draft goals based on that feedback. The Strategic Plan Steering Committee subsequently worked to develop priority areas for the District and goals for the administration. The resulting strategic plan will guide ConVal’s work through 2027, when the strategic planning process will be renewed for the next five years.