Featured image of article: Recount Results On ConVal District Warrant Article No. 1

Recount Results On ConVal District Warrant Article No. 1

ConVal School District Moderator Bob Edwards would like to provide an update on the recount held for Article 1, the proposed budget, from last week’s warrant.

The recount, which was held this evening at ConVal High School, showed that the proposed operating budget was passed by voters during the March 9 vote. The final count was 1,636 (Yes) to 1,629 (No). The School Board will meet at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 19 to discuss the outcome of the recount and next steps.

The recount was requested by private citizens from the district’s nine towns through a petition submitted to the District clerk in accordance with state law. The School Board was legally bound to perform the recount because a valid petition was submitted. Recounts must be requested by registered voters in the district.

The recount was overseen by the District moderator. Though the School Board served as the Board of recount, members of the school board did not carry out the recount themselves. The recount was completed by volunteers from the nine communities.