Featured image of article: Landers Wins Lantern Parade Poster Contest

Landers Wins Lantern Parade Poster Contest

ConVal Senior Rhett Landers has won the Peterborough Lantern Parade poster design contest for The Children and the Arts organization. Rhett is a student in Mr. Bills’ Graphic Design 1 class. 

This year, the Lantern Parade will be held on Saturday, December 7, as part of Peterborough’s Hometown Holiday Weekend.

The Peterborough Lantern Parade was inspired by the festival of lights tradition in England. Last year, over 800 lanterns were made in community art workshops and over 1,000 people participated in the parade, including local musicians and those who had made their own lanterns at home.

This year, the Children and the Arts committee, school art teachers and other volunteers have been working with area schools throughout the fall to create lanterns during art classes to use during the parade.

For a brief video on the lantern-making work, see this short video featuring Terry Reeves.