End 68 Hours of Hunger

Dear Conval Staff,

My name is Linda Caracappa and I along with Carol Cleary, and Deb Davidson are the coordinators for the Conval Chapter of End 68 Hours of Hunger.

In January we met with the SAU 1 and received approval to start this program.  We are partnering with the SAU and have been granted space to store and pack the food. Many of you may be aware of this program but I will briefly explain what we will do.

This is a non for profit 501c3 organization started in Dover 5 years ago. It is now in 38 school districts and 7 states. This program will provide food for school age children, identified by the District, in a grocery bag from Friday after school – Monday morning. (approx. 68 hours). All of the foods are kid friendly meals that children can do with very little assistance. Examples are: Peanut butter, tuna fish, Cheerios, granola bars, crackers, canned soup. The bags will go home with them either Thursday or Friday.  Then transporters deliver to the designated schools. It is 100% volunteer based and all funds go directly to feed the children.

How can you help?

Possibly transporting from school you work, to another school.

Collection of food. We have a list and sizes that we are requesting.

Donations of any kind. Connections with sponsors.

Shopping for supplies.

Help with possible fundraisers.

Any and all help is needed.

We currently have 5 teams of packers. And dozens of people that have stepped forward in many capacities.

We also have involved many of the local churches and places of worship.

I have attached the list of the items and sizes we are collecting.

Our contact info.

Where to donate money.

The food will stored in a storage facility in the SAU building starting in Sept.

Items we are collecting: approx. 3000 calories

Cereal small box or bag

Soup 12


mac and cheese

Peanut butter 18 oz

Jelly no glass

Canned Tuna or chicken or meat 12 oz


Canned fruit

Nutritional snack bars

Ramen Noodles


Linda Caracappa –   convalnh@end68hoursofhunger.org

Carol Cleary PH# 588-2468

Checks Payable to End 68 hours

End 68 hours

PO Box 40

Bennington, NH 03442

Online www.end68hoursofhunger.org  you must designate Conval/Peterborough for us to receive in our chapter.