Featured image of article: ConVal’s “Kussecht” Wins German Hip-Hop Contest

ConVal’s “Kussecht” Wins German Hip-Hop Contest

Congratulations to ConVal’s German rap trio “Kussecht” who won first place at the Goethe Institute Boston Hip-Hop Battle!

On November 30th, ConVal High School sent two teams to compete at the Boston Hip-Hop Battle against teams from all over New England. Students studied German hip hop in class and then created original raps in German on the topic of “ich” (me).

Early in November, ConVal held a preliminary Hip-Hop Battle in front of peers, from which two teams were chosen to compete at the Boston Hip-Hop Battle.  The two teams were “Krankenwagen” (Rachel Cass, Anna Gombas, Bronwyn Tyler-Wall, Daisy Young, and Finn Wegmueller) and “Kussecht” (Grace Christensen, Alexis Cleary, and Margot Kratzenberg).

The teams spent the day in workshops with hip-hop artists from Berlin.  In the workshops, the teams received feedback from the German rap artist Falco and upped their dance game in sessions with different hip-hop dancers from Berlin.  The Berlin hip-hop artists and representatives from Goethe Institute Boston served as the judges for the final Hip-Hop Battle competition.  Students were judged on the quality of lyrics, pronunciation, originality, performance, enthusiasm, and cooperation in the workshops.

In the end, Kussecht was victorious, earning first place.  As the winners, Kussecht has won a professional recording of their rap and will be visiting the recording studio in a few weeks.