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ConVal School District Community Forum

Your ConVal School board and administration are pleased to announce their second ConVal Community Forum. Below are the details about this forum.

  • Where and when is the Community Forum?

ConVal High School in the Lucy Hurlin Theater. Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 7-9PM.

  • What is a community forum?

A community forum is a meeting where people can discuss, share knowledge, and talk to each other about topics of mutual interest.

  • Why do we need a community forum?

School board meetings, being business meetings, provide a limited venue for The ConVal School Board and Administration to engage with our community. We believe in being open and transparent in all of our activities. We believe in ensuring that the ConVal community is engaged and informed. A community forum is one mechanism to achieve these goals.

  • How do I attend the Community forum?

We are providing two ways for the public to attend the community forum. You can come to the Lucy Hurlin Theater at ConVal high school to attend in person or you can attend the forum via a live stream feed from the forum.

  • How is the Community Forum organized?

We have selected two important topics to be presented. Each topic will start with a presentation and after the presentation, there will be an opportunity for either audience to ask questions. Each question will be answered by the presenter or by a member of the School Board or Administration. After the two selected topics are over we have allowed time for the audiences to ask questions on any other school district relevant topic. There will be a moderator that will control the flow of information and activities at the community forum.

  • How are questions presented?

After each of the prepared topics are presented the in-person audience will have an opportunity to ask questions directly to the moderator who will direct the question to the appropriate person to answer. Members of the audience that are remote and on the live-stream will be able to submit their questions via email to community forum members. These folks will select questions from the emails received and give to the moderator who will direct the question to the appropriate person to answer.

  • What are the selected topics?

The first topic to be presented will be on the ConVal district budget. Being “budget season” there is a lot of activity happening that is important to share budget information with the community in preparation for district wide voting on March 8th. There will be two sections that will be presented. 1) Budget process and 2021 final tax bills and 2) Proposed budget and warrant articles.

The second topic to be presented will be on the expansion of the ConVal Pre-K program. Why do we need Pre-K, what does Pre-K accomplish, what measurements do we track, why do we want to expand Pre-K. Pre-k budget information.

  • How do I attend remotely via live stream and how do I submit questions?

The live stream will be done as a YouTube event. This will mean that the community forum will be recorded as a video on YouTube so that not only can it be viewed as it is taking place but it can be viewed at any time after the community forum is completed as it will be on YouTube servers forever. The link to access this YouTube feed click on this link ConVal Community Forum
or copy and paste the following into your browser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWR78WOKlnU

To send in a question via email please use the following email address forum@conval.edu.

  • Why should I attend the ConVal community forum?

It is your money, it is your school district, it is the education of your children, and it is your community. Be involved. Make a difference.