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Every Day Counts

I have always loved the beginning of school which is our opportunity for students and teachers to begin again, with renewed energy, the journey toward a better future. 

Our students come at times excited, at other times apprehensive; at times ready to engage in learning, and at other times needing support. 

The journey from kindergarten through senior year encompasses 2,340 days. And while 2,340 days seems like a long time, the truth is that these 13 years go by very, very quickly. Most importantly, we don’t take this journey single-handedly, for you, their parents are paramount to their success.

In these 2,340 days we teach, we inspire, we comfort, we encourage, we support, and we celebrate. To make all this happen, every day counts. 

In these 2,340 days, we teach our students to play well with others, to work out their differences, and to express their emotions appropriately so they can build healthy relationships with their peers and others throughout their lives. 

In these 2,340 days, we teach students to use their words to express themselves, to share their thoughts, to sing, and to converse in other languages.

We teach them to read, so that they can discover and explore new knowledge and the wonder that this world holds for them. We teach them to write, so they can express themselves, explain themselves, and share with others their hopes and dreams for themselves and our world.

We begin with learning to count objects and extend to applying math in ways that will help them discover patterns, create models, learn to code and assist in discovering new ways to analyze and solve the challenges we now face and those we may face in the future. 

In these 2,340 days, we also engage our students in the arts, the sciences, and so much more.

We hope that your student has had a wonderful opening, and I look forward to our continued work together.

Thank you.

Dr. Kimberly Rizzo Saunders
ConVal School District