Notice of Intent to Home Educate

Contoocook Valley School District

Notice of Intent to Home Educate

In accordance with the State of New Hampshire Home Education HOUSE BILL 545, homeschooler parents only notify participating agencies one time (instead of each year).  Home education programs already established will not be legally required to notify their participating agency beginning in the 2/12/2013 school year.

House Bill 545 went into effect on August 12, 2012 and states that home education notifications will be required only for those establishing new home education programs for students between the ages of 6 and 18 years old.  For example:

  • A family beginning a home education program for the first time.
  • A home education family with a child who turns 6 on or before August 25th (see N.H. compulsory attendance law: RSA 193:1); or
  • A home education family moving into the ConVal School District.

For further clarifications, please look up the text of H.B. 545 at this link.

House Bill 1571: With the passage of H.B. 1571, New Hampshire home education families are still required to evaluate their student annually (see RSA 193-A:6) but there is no legal requirement to submit annual evaluations to the participating agency. House Bill 1571 went into effect on June 18, 2012.

The text for House Bill 1571 can be found at this link. The New Hampshire Department of Education issued a Technical Advisory about these two bills. You can read the technical advisory here.

If you choose to work with the ConVal School District, this form is being provided for your convenience in submitting the required information. Parents who are home-educating need only notify this office two times, at the beginning and at the end of the home-education program.

Please complete the information below and return it to:

Superintendent’s Office, 106 Hancock Road, Peterborough, NH  03458. 

Thank you for your cooperation; please feel free to call 924-3336, ext. 2068 if you have questions.


Name of Student: _______________________________________________________________________________

Student Date of Birth: _____________________  Student Grade Level: _____________________

Name of Parent/Guardian: ________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone Number: ___________________________________________________________________________

Beginning Date of Home Education Program: _____________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian: _____________________________________________________________________