Employee Referral Program

What is it?  A new initiative to support and reward ConVal’s recruiting efforts.  Through conversation, relationships, mentoring, and networking, employees have the opportunity to contribute to the community of staff that ConVal employs. We are looking for talented and ambitious individuals to fulfill our educational teams in your schools.  We know that we have phenomenal staff who are invested in the outcomes of our students and community and that we need to be fully staffed in order to best support everyone in doing so.  We want to find that level of talent and passion that you have gracefully demonstrated through your dedication to and support of your school community, students, and colleagues and replicate and reward it. Because of this, we are initiating our Employee Referral Bonus Program.

Why an Employee Referral Program?   We need your help in identifying the best talent to fill our vacancies in order to provide the support necessary to start the school year in a way that has all of the right people in the right roles supporting the education of the students and their families in our nine-town community.   This program is designed so you could help us fill any vacancies by referring candidates.  We value your willingness to refer your friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

How does it work?  It’s quite simple!  As of July 20, 2022, for every candidate that you refer who successfully submits an application, lists you as their referral source on their application, is interviewed, and/or eventually is hired, you’ll receive a bonus. The further your referral moves along in the hiring process the larger the referral bonus!  The best part is there is no limit to how many referrals you can submit. Get a bonus every single time one of your referrals is interviewed!  As a ConVal employee you will receive:

All positions eligibleA $100 referral bonus for every qualified applicant (not currently employed at ConVal) who interviews for the applied position (including coaches and substitutes) that you refer using the ConVal Employee Referral Form (see attached) who also submits a complete application, lists you as their referral source, and interviews for the applied for position.Payable in October, February, April or May
Coaches An additional $150 bonus following the successful completion of the season or co-curricular activity for coaches and advisors.Payable in October,
February, April or
SubstitutesAn additional $150 bonus payable after the substitute completes a total of 25 full-day substitute teacher, paraprofessional or administrative assistant office assignments in the current school yearPayable in October,
February, April or
School-year and year-round positionsAn additional $750 bonus for any referral who is hired for a full-time (1 FTE) position and starts prior to the first day of school for students (amount to be prorated for part-time positions and/or a date of hire after September 1)Payable in June
Returning referrals working full-timeAn additional $150 for any referral who is offered a full-time position and returns the following school yearPayable in October

Recognition and Thank You.  Employees whose referrals are successfully hired will receive a special recognition announcement in the payday memo! You and your referred candidate will have the opportunity to tell us what you enjoy most about working at the ConVal School District and why you felt the applicant you referred would be a great fit for the position and why they chose to join ConVal. A picture alongside your referred applicant will also be included in the announcement!  (If you are camera shy, we will figure it out!)

The Rules:

  • Only one employee can refer an applicant and be eligible for the bonus, and the names on the application and the employee referral form need to match.  You cannot “share” an applicant that you refer.
  • The Employee Referral Form needs to be submitted to Human Resources prior to the interview.
  • Exclusions: None – except that you cannot refer yourself and a referral must be a NEW employee to ConVal.
  • Employees who have separated employment forfeit eligibility for bonuses not yet paid at the time of separation.  However, if you retire at the end of the school year and your referral returns for the second year we are more than happy to send you a check in the Fall :)
  • To qualify for the referral bonus, you and your referral must be actively employed on their first day of school for students and will need to remain actively employed through the school year.  Employees who have separated employment forfeit eligibility for bonuses not yet paid at the time of separation.

Don’t forget that your referral needs to tell us on their application that you are the one who referred them and you need to complete the form identifying that you referred them BEFORE THEY ARE INTERVIEWED. 

Next Steps.  If you believe you know an individual who would be a great fit for our school district, make sure to let us know by completing the Employee Referral Form.   Anyone who is employed by ConVal can make a referral for any applicant for any position.  No one is excluded.  This includes substitutes and coaches in addition to school year and year-round staff.  If you receive a paycheck from ConVal, you qualify to earn a referral bonus!  A referral bonus will be considered taxable income.

Finally, if you have any questions about the employee referral bonus program, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Also, do not forget to keep checking our careers page ConVal Employment Opportunities constantly for any new openings.

Thank you so much for your efforts.  We look forward to meeting so many of your referrals!

Click here for the Employee Referral Form.