Substitutes and Volunteers

ConVal is Always Looking for Excellent Substitute Teachers

Apply Today! Here’s How:

1. Complete a Substitute Application
Complete a Substitute Application which is available online. For more information on being a ConVal Substitute, please click on the Substitute Teacher Reference Book below.     Click here to apply: Career Opportunities

2. Once we receive your completed application, we will forward it to one of our Principals who will contact you for an interview.  If you are approved for substitute teaching, you will be asked to complete additional paperwork with the Human Resources Department.  You will be required to show documents (drivers license, social security card and/or passport) confirming personal identification for completion of the I-9 form (Employment Eligibility Verification, Immigration and Naturalization Service).  You will also be required to complete a Criminal Records Check.

Become a Designated Volunteer

First go to the school in which you wish to volunteer. The School Principal will determine if you qualify under the definition for Designated Volunteer.

The Designated Volunteer is given a Criminal Records Check fingerprint packet.  The packet contains a Release Authorization Form which must be completed and signed in the presence of a Notary. The packet also includes  the fingerprint card that requires additional information to be completed.  These documents go with the volunteer to their local police department for fingerprinting. Return all documents to the school.

You may also contact the Human Resources Department of the Superintendent of Schools, at 603-924-3336, ext 2033, to schedule a time to have your fingerprints done at the Superintendents Office in Peterborough.

Once a report of “No Record” is received by the HR Department, you are considered an approved Designated Volunteer.

Click here for more information on becoming a Designated Volunteer – FAQ’s For Designated Volunteers